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Gardagor 2 years ago
NO. It's no-one's body.
Fezshura 2 years ago
Well, my bags are not packed yet and I still have eleventy things to do.....
Kegami 2 years ago
I think that was true about fifteen years ago, but those older ideals are falling more to the wayside. Particularly with start ups, innovation, and the emergence of careers on the social media platform. Sure, if you work for the government in a very public role or as a lawyer (which is still connected to the government), it’s true piercings tattoos and vibrant hues are going to be frowned upon. But in this day and age, none of the above are large deterrents. I had rose gold hair at my last job, another lady had ombré lavender and we worked within the DoD. The truth is, those that think as you do are being phased out or retired and a younger workbase is moving into more leadership roles where they are less inclined to be so harsh with appearances in that regard as they are more normalized.
Dokasa 2 years ago
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Tojalkree 2 years ago
Im not sure who she is but she might have copied me lol