I’m committed to having a small and useful set of tools, and that means from time to time I have to let things go. Most of these have been restored by me. All are in full working order. I won’t sell it unless it’s useful. All prices are + shipping. (If you buy a tool and are unhappy with it when you receive it, I will happily refund the purchase price minus shipping upon return)

 Stanley Block Plane and Low-Angle Block Plane

These are late model block planes from around 1999 and they are “contractor grade”. They’re both brand new in box. I took them out to photograph them and I am sure they’ve never even been opened. They’re certainly not as refined as some of Stanley’s other offerings, but they work as advertised and wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Especially not for $5 each which is what I’m asking for them.  (+ shipping)  SOLD


Type 20 Stanley Bailey nos. 3 and 5c bench planes

In most type studies these are the last decent planes Stanley made in the Bailey line. I’ve heard these blue Stanleys referred to as “dreaded” but honestly the blades take a good edge and they make a fine shaving. Again, not as heavy or refined as the golden era of Bailey planes, but they would make a good first set if you know someone getting into the sport.

The soles are flat enough to do good work. The no.5c is flat. The 3 looked a little rough on the sole when I got it, so I spent some time on the marble slab and sandpaper cleaning it up. It could still use a little lapping if you want it perfectly flat, but it works fine.

I’m asking $15 each or $25 for both. (+ shipping)  SOLD


Type 19 Stanley Bailey no. 4

I’m really tempted to keep this one. It feels good in the hand. The sole is flat (within reason) and it works like it should. The lever cap is shiny although there’s a rough casting mark on one side of it (which you can see in the picture below).

$20 + Shipping SOLD



Stanley Handyman H1203

Honestly, this one’s more for the collectors than a user. It works, but it’s not in the same class as the Bailey planes.

$5 + Shipping


Stanley no. 20 9″ try square

This one’s in great shape with a nearly intact decal. Also a sweetheart.

$15 (+ Shipping) SOLD