I’m committed to having a small and useful set of tools, and that means from time to time I have to let things go. Most of these have been restored by me. All are in full working order. I won’t sell it unless it’s useful. All prices are + shipping. (If you buy a tool and are unhappy with it when you receive it, I will happily refund the purchase price minus shipping upon return.

Florip Toolworks 9″ Dovetail saw

I purchased this saw directly from Eric for a tool review. It has an upgraded birch handle. It was only used for testing and review. I added a slight bit of set to the teeth (.003″ or so) after review.

Long story short, it’s an excellent saw. The handle is a little small for my hand, and I have more dovetail saws than I need, so I’m selling this one to someone who will put it to good use. I paid $105 + shipping. Will sell for $105 shipped in the contiguous US.