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Mehn 2 years ago
Bello culo BB
Torn 2 years ago
Somebody bounty these hoes some gyro-stabilisers.
Shakadal 2 years ago
Who's the one with the hula hoop at 0:34?
Tezuru 2 years ago
Acosta's questions had nothing to do with the mid-term elections which was the purpose of the news conference.He went off on a cross examination of Trump finances and terminology when describing the asylum seekers.
Bragami 2 years ago
Right.the Dust Bowl never happened and can't happen again. I'm not talking about just the US nor am I saying that all poor people are poor because of money management. Sick's contention is that with the right system poverty would disappear. I'm saying thats BS pie in the sky simplistic thinking that ignores the multitude of reasons poverty exists plus just human nature in general.