There was a point to all of this

For those of you who have been following along with the student bench build and wondering “why would he build a small bench when he has a perfectly good English bench right behind him?” the answer is this: I needed to design something small and easily reproducible to outfit the North Carolina Furniture School for a hand tool class that I will be co-teaching along with Stuart Kent this summer.

That class will be two full days (June 8-9, 2018) and it currently has five openings. You can register here.

This will hopefully be the first of many classes at the NC Furniture School, but it is designed to be an immersion class for hand tool novices, baptizing them into the fold of hand saws, planes and hand-cut dovetails. On the first day, we will begin with dimensional stock, break that stock down and prepare it for dovetailing. The second day will be largely devoted to knocking out a few practice joints and building confidence.

If you’re interested in the class, the cost is $385 and that will include materials and lunch on both days. Stuart’s wife does the lunches, and she’s a total foodie, so you’re in for a treat.


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  1. DR_Woodshop says:

    That is right around the corner (Taboro/Leggett) from my grandparents farm where I spent my summers growing up. Would love to take a class from here sometime.


    1. Do it! There are lots of good ones. 😁


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