Getting ready for guests


I haven’t done much in my own shop lately, but I’ve been busy. As a student at Marc Adams I never would have guessed how much work goes on behind the scenes to get ready for class. Here is a snapshot of what I’ve done.

Converted all the lights to LED, which you’ve read about here.

Replaced the floors in three sheds. We took the sheds apart, power washed the shells, built new floors, and reassembled everything. The strange thing was that we had two days of near perfect weather a month ago to get these done.


If you’ve taken classes, then you know about all the laser engraved name tags and goodies. I’ve been learning to use the laser and changing out parts every 8-30 min. The irony is that technology isn’t really a huge interest of mine. That is until I watch something being made and then it’s mesmerizing.


We also installed 18 new lathes with all the paraphernalia that goes along with them. This was a fun day; it snowed the night before and the truck driver ended up stuck in the yard (thanks in part to my wonderful assisting skills). The lathes are made by Oneway.


Gary Striegler’s classes leave behind some neat architectural elements like fireplace mantels and door surrounds. We had a door surround available, so I installed it around the door to Marc’s new office. After he gets moved into that office I’m sure it will give a good “going to the principal’s office” kind of feel.

There is also a limited amount of student housing available; some of it recently purchased. I’ve had the opportunity to move furniture and beds, change locks, and do minor repairs to get those places ready for guests.

And last but certainly not least has been the cleaning. I’ve logged many hours dancing with a shop vac. I spent an entire day cleaning work benches. As strange as it may sound, I enjoyed getting benches ready.

Now I’m looking forward to meeting new students. Especially, the people I’ve met online and will get to meet face-to-face. Less than a week to go.


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