For what it’s worth…

I’ve never liked the Oxford comma.


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  1. Curt Seeliger says:

    Bad timing, to say the least. Speaking only selfishly, I hope we’ll still be able to benefit from your input.


    1. Oh yeah. This was really about the Oxford comma. I’m more of an AP man myself.


      1. Curt Seeliger says:

        Ewcghgh! That is just a bridge too far.


  2. Paul Hawkinson says:

    Mrs Hollyday, my grade school English teacher, is rolling, flipping, and generally tearing up the earth.
    (Bless her heart)


  3. Lorenzo says:


    Eats, shoots, and leaves.

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  4. bobbarnettpe says:

    Just a waste of energy.


  5. Tupper Wallace says:

    Nor did my parents, Cher and Abraham Lincoln. (Demonstrating a potential problem with skipping the comma.)

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    1. Yes, even the AP concedes its usefulness here 😁


  6. Village Woodwright says:

    Hmmm, is this a follow-up comment on Mike Updegraf’s blog? Ha, ha.
    My brain needs all the commas possible to keep from being muddled!☺ …Sort of like a little wedge to keep my saw from getting pinched in a kerf, it keeps my thoughts flowing smoothly.


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