Feeling Lucky


A while back I met someone with a lottery winning relative. It wasn’t a mega-million win, but it was several million dollars. I don’t play the lottery, so I figured I would never experience the range of emotions that would come with winning. Until last August.

At the end of a class I was taking at Marc Adams School of Woodworking, Marc approached and told me to “keep in mind we’ll be looking for help next season.” I had been trying to figure out what my next steps were going to be, and the timing of his invitation couldn’t have been better.

For over eight years I served as the pastor of an inner-city church. I logged a lot of hours with that job and ran my own handy man business on the side to make a little extra cash. But even marathon runners have a breaking point. Last May I resigned from the church and increased my hours as a general contractor. I wasn’t sure that remodeling was what I wanted to do for a living, but it was a good way to pause and reorient my life.

Marc’s offer came at just the right time. And its not just a job, it is an opportunity to grow as a woodworker. This year the school is celebrating their 25th anniversary and the class list is impressive. I’m certainly looking forward to assisting some of the best instructors in the woodworking world, but equally exciting, are the other students.

In every class I’ve taken, I’ve met some unbelievably skilled woodworkers. What impresses me the most though is not their ability as craftspeople but their humility to continue learning new skills and techniques; to push themselves to new levels and bring others with them. I am looking forward to surrounding myself with people like that.

That person I met with the relative who won the lottery? Within a year they were completely broke having squandered all their winnings. I don’t plan to do the same.

I do, however, plan to take extensive notes and cherish every conversation.

If you’ve never heard of MASW, you can check out this year’s catalog here. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to meet some of you outside of cyberspace.


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  1. Bob Easton says:

    See… There’s more than one way to win. CONGRATS!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, what a great opportunity!


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