Hillbilly Hat Rack: Grunt


My stepfather doesn’t have an affectionate bone in his body. Well, that’s not quite true, but his way of showing it is different than most. I knew the hillbilly hat rack was a hit when I heard him grunt. In that moment it didn’t matter if anyone else on the face of the planet liked the project or agreed with the methods I used to complete it. All the little things I personally hated about it didn’t matter either.

It was complete. He was happy. I was at rest.




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  1. Joe says:

    Nice rack!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. meanmna says:

    Nice, but what happened to the bullet?


    1. Eric Key says:

      Thanks! But I’m not sure I understand your question. The legs on the front of the chest are patterned after a bullet if that is what you’re referring to.


      1. meanmna says:

        Ah. I totally missed the base. I thought you only made the top rack and he put it on top of an existing case. Not that I look at the base, I see the bullets I missed the first time around.


      2. Eric Key says:

        I’m glad you found them. I tried to make it subtle. 🙂


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