A Splash of Color

The bunk beds are finished, and ready to move into the house. They turned out at least as well as I had hoped. Maybe better.

The only thing that wasn’t clear in my mind when I began was the finish. The SYP was nice as it was, so I thought about a clear finish. I thought about going with a shou sugi ban finish (which would have looked awesome BTW) but the thought of how long that would take put me off of that idea.

Wood stain? Nah. I’ve never been able to stain SYP in any way that I liked.

Paint seemed like an obvious choice. I like painted furniture and it was a quick and easy solution so I grabbed a few chalk paint color samples from the hardware store and brought them home to my kids. I was looking at all the neutral palettes thinking they would age well and go with anything, but my kids immediately landed on a bright peacock blue.

Technically, the color is “Sunday Bustle” and technically it’s not really a traditional chalk paint. It’s an acrylic product from Valspar that applies like any other acrylic paint, but dries to a nice textured matte finish that feels for all the world like traditional chalk or milk paint. For a project like this, I feel like it was a pretty good choice.*

After two coats of paint and one coat of the finishing wax that Valspar markets with the product, I was very pleased. Not only does it look great, but I feel like it’s going to age well after being subjected to the abuse of three kids.

That’s one more project off the list, and a whole lot of floor space that I’ll get back.

*This isn’t a sponsored post. I bought the paint myself and receive no compensation for mentioning it. I just like sharing the info.


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  1. Looks great, love the clean design.

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  2. Looks great. What did you end up doing with the hex bolts?

    I’ve seen that product in the stores. Any differences relative to General Finishes acrylic milk paint (if you’ve used it)?


    1. I ended up using furniture bolts. I’ll post a pic sometime soon. They’re just a little nicer than their galvanized kin.

      As to the paint, I’ve never used the GF milk paint, but I’d bet they’re very similar. The valspar was very low VOC and nice to use.

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  3. Great job with the beds, this is a project that I will be undertaking in the near future and may have to hit you up for some tips. Thanks for sharing.

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