Slabbin’ ain’t easy

I’m always interested to see how different communities solve the same problems. Watch them slab this log (somewhere around 3:00 mins in).


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  1. Luke Miller says:

    Wow, that’s awesome. I wonder what it would take to use that crooked knife in place of the scorp or travisher when saddling windsor chairs?


    1. Jeremy Conrad says:

      I tried to use a hook knife of that style to fine tune a Windsor seat I hollowed. I imagine it’d work OK in a soft wood seat like the cedar, especially in partially green wood like he was working with these boxes. In dry walnut it was not easy – I mostly used a carving gouge and a mallet instead.

      Got the knife from kestrel tool. They also make an adze, which would have been the better tool for hollowing chair seat.

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  2. Eric Key says:

    Why is it human nature to have one guy working and another standing around watching?

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  3. Eric is totally right. But that was awesome, without a doubt.


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