A highly refined block of wood.

I mentioned in my last post that my method for spacing the parts of the laminated bedposts was a cut-off from the side rails. I neglected to show what that looked like, so here it is:

This block is exactly the same width as the side rails, although I have no idea what that width is. It’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 1/2″ but that’s really beside the point. With this block I have the actual dimension without measuring each gap and I also have a built in square to check that each of the laminations is aligned correctly. This block took no additional time to make and saves me time on each glue-up.

That’s a highly refined bit of engineering right there.


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  1. Mike Wasson says:

    I see you learned something today, despite what Paul Sellers thinks ,not everything is fine furniture. Do it good ,do it right, but get it done. I am fond of saying that any thing worth doing is worth finishing. Yeah ,I know I stole that and basterdized it. but it don’t mean it ain’t true.

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    1. I do try to keep things in perspective. I know that this will have a limited time engagement in our home, so function and form are relative.


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