I can’t do it all on my own

You may have noticed a different voice here on The Daily Skep yesterday.

I’d like to introduce our newest contributing author, Eric Key, who has previously kept his own blog about his adventures in woodworking and is featured in the End Grain column of the current issue of Popular Woodworking.

If you’re interested in Eric’s bio, read this. I’d rather tell you a story about the first time we met in person. Eric and I were both in attendance at Popular Woodworking in America 2016. Thanks to Instagram ( eric.key ) and the Daily Skep, we had been virtually introduced to each other, but I found that event to be a real game of match-the-face-to-the-virtual-handle and I honestly didn’t know what he looked like. I was working at the event as support and trying frantically to hunt down an A/V person before Wilbur Pan’s workshop when I stumbled into another classroom (Yoav Liberman’s?) and there was Eric. He was kind and generous and although he was there as an attendee, he immediately jumped in with any advice and help he could offer.

Eric is one of the good guys. He’s also a very talented woodworker and has a great way of putting that experience into words. His interest in trying techniques and forms outside of my regular work has been an inspiration to me and I know it will be to you as well.

I have made it my point not to complain or apologize on the blog, so I’ll keep this short. The last three months have been both blessing and struggle. Outside of regular family and work life there were things to build, Issue Three of Mortise & Tenon magazine to finish, blog posts to write, freelance writing and photography work and a host of other opportunities to be creative. Unfortunately I’ve also had some persistent and undiagnosed health issues hanging over that, so what might otherwise have been three of the best months in recent history have been a mixed bag.

Asking for help is not in my nature. I am literally off the charts as an introvert. I keep a very small circle of friends and I need time alone on a regular basis, but one of the most important lessons that life has for us all is that we can’t do it all on our own. Over these few months (and, really, the past two years) I’ve discovered that a regular blog is more work than any one person can do well. I have also recently been reminded that it was always my intention for this blog to be a collection of voices, and this is a wonderful step in that direction.

I’m so happy to have Eric on board as a regular content creator here on The Daily Skep and I know you will welcome him as well.


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