Want. Need. Deserve.


The other night I sat propped in front of the TV for family movie night. Wonder Woman graced my screen. In one of the scenes, a few of the “men” heroes are celebrating with a sort of toast; “Here’s to getting what we want, what we need, but not to what we deserve.” Not a bad thought. What do I want?

Another over-indulgent holiday is just right around the corner and I’ve prepared a list of things I want (for my financially secure family members). But I thought I would share it with you in order of most desired to least desired.

  1. Vacuum press: I’ve recently ventured into working with veneer and this is the way to go with that sort of thing. Of course I don’t want just any press, I want this one.
  2. Inlay Kit: What’s better than one tool? An entire set. This takes me back to my first set of tools all together in a nice neat package. It’s really not the best way to purchase tools but I can’t resist. I want this one.
  3. Shoot Board Plane: If you follow my Instagram feed (which is power tool heavy) you’re probably wondering why I would want this. Here’s my excuse; I’ve been working wood for about twenty years and ventured into hand tools a couple of years ago. My default is the machine. I’m comfortable there. But I don’t want to stay there. This should help.
  4. Dovetail Saw: I already own one and it cuts just fine. But this one is a work of art. And it supports veterans. Best of all you can customize it.
  5. Clamps: I have some Bessey  clamps, but my heart is set on Jorgensen I-bar clamps. These were the best clamps I’ve ever used. Unfortunately, the company closed. I will now have to hunt at auctions and estate sales. You can’t always get what you want.

Do I need any of these things? Not at all. But that isn’t really how desire works is it? We don’t really desire the things we need unless it becomes essential to our survival, like food, shelter, or clothing. Once our base needs are met we crave shiny stuff.

Do I deserve these things? This is why someone, somewhere, came up with that whole lump of coal crap; to remind me of what I really deserve. I don’t deserve anything. Therein lies the beauty of the whole mess. Despite being undeserving, someone will be gracious enough to see past my faults and fulfill my wants/needs. And I will do the same for others. Perhaps the objects of our desire are really just a means to another end and not the end themselves?

What is on your wish list this year?


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  1. kaisaerpren says:

    I used one of those veneer vacuum presses decades ago, it wasn’t very reliable, I bought the parts to make my own @ 10 years ago, best decision ever! here is the
    supplier of what I got, look it over https://www.joewoodworker.com/veneering/EVS/concept.htm

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eric Key says:

      Thanks! I will check that out.


  2. kaisaerpren says:

    Oh! and be well, and thanks for all of your writings on your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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