Chad Stanton, you’re OK in my book.

We all want to make heirloom furniture that people will wholly underappreciate and future generations will remember by saying something like, “yeah, I think it was like my great-grandfather or something who made this”, but lets face it, there are all sorts of other useful things we can put into the world along the way.

I’m making one of these.

I have one change that I’m considering. I have a couple of old, solid-wood frame and panel doors that I’ve saved from trash piles and using them as the back assembly seems like a sweet way to put them back into use. I’ll adjust the plans to suit.

I always enjoy Chad’s accessible and  no-nonsense take on woodworking projects, and this one seems like a really useful idea.

Now I know what everyone’s getting for Festivus this year!




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  1. Richard says:

    This is the kind of project that Ana White does, and does well — largely intended for D.I.Yers.


    1. Yep, but you sort of have to pick and choose with these sorts of projects. Pocket screws have thier limits 😊


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