A New Thing

This evening (8/18/17) from 4 – 7 pm the North Carolina Furniture School will be having an open house. The address is 503 Second Street, Ayden, NC 28513

If you’re in the area I encourage you to come by, meet Stuart (the proprietor) and check out his collection of new and vintage machines. Even for die-hard hand tool folks, there’s something cool about 70 year old table saws.

Stuart also has a full stock of well seasoned lumber at very reasonable prices. I’ve got my eye on some mahogany, but everything else is for sale. 😊

Oh, and there will be Barbeque from Bum’s. Whole hog, wood fire cooked, the way we do it down East.

Stuart is already planning a work bench building course and I’m tentatively slated to teach a hand tool basics/Dutch tool chest course, so there are a lot of good things coming from the NC Furniture School. I’ll be there tonight and I hope to see anyone within driving distance.


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  1. Is this the one at the Friggin building?


    1. It’s around the corner 😉


  2. Lorenzo says:

    70 yr old table saw?

    Pff… none of my machines are that new. 🙂


  3. I hope it was a success.


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