I should have written this blog post weeks ago, but here it is.

I love that my daughters want to spend time with me when I’m in the workshop. I love that they often take the little scraps left over from my projects and make something of their own. Even when there is glue all over the floor and a mess to clean up, I love that they are unafraid to create.

If I do nothing else right as a parent, that is the sort of spirit that I want to instill in them. I want them to be unafraid.

There are too many people in the world who are ready to say no. We need more people ready to say yes. We need more people with the courage to claim who they are, and be who they were made to be. Categories be damned.

Yesterday I took my two oldest daughters to the hardware store. We weren’t there for wood, but they wouldn’t let me leave without taking them over to peruse the stacks. We lucked into a perfectly straight and clear 1″ x 10″ x 10′ that we had to take home, but for me the real prize was the way they asked questions and felt right at home next to weekend DIYers and contractors. These two little girls in flip-flops didn’t second guess their right to be there. I want the future to look like that for all young women (and men). I want them to be able to follow passion and calling without having to wonder “do I belong here?”  

The thing is, if you want a future like that, you have to do something about it. Sarah Marriage did just that when she began dreaming and working to build a space where something like that could become a reality. And in Baltimore, MD, none the less. Enter A Workshop of Their Own. 

This building is up for sale. WOO has put in a bid to buy the space and they need our help to make it happen. They have poured heart, sweat and sawdust into making this a reality and the capacity to purchase the space would be a huge step forward in making sure it’s around for the next generation, and the next, and hopefully until one generation looks back to say, “why did you need a space like that?”

Sarah and crew are trying to raise $100,000 for down payment and fees on the space through a campaign on INDIEGOGO.

I just saw that they’re close to $55,000 with 16 hours left to go.

Let’s make this happen.


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  1. José Santiago says:

    Great post. It’s not just about Baltimore it circles home too.


  2. As you know, I have many similar pictures on my phone of my unafraid girls traipsing around the lumber section in their flip-flops. It’s a good time to be a woodworking parent. So, what are they making with that board?


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