A woodworking school

I’m pleased to announce a woodworking school will be opening in Ayden, NC at some point during the next few months. Given my post earlier in the week you may be tempted to think this is my doing, but… well… a funny thing happened on the way to look at that property again.

I met Stuart Kent.


No, literally. I decided to walk from my office to the building at 522 First Street (one of the benefits of a small town) when I walked by a building just around the corner that had been empty for a while. You can imagine my surprise when I saw stacks of mahogany, a band saw and a lathe bed.

Later that day I saw someone unloading more wood and naturally I went to introduce myself.


As it turns out, Stuart is about to open up the North Carolina Furniture School. He’s an accomplished woodturner and furniture maker and he has been in the area for a while in the next town over. He’s also hoping to buy the building I was looking at and expand into there. (He also has a mobile lathe lab equipped with eight mini lathes).

Here’s something else you need to know if you’re a woodworker and ever find yourself anywhere east of Raleigh, NC. Stuart not only teaches, he’s a dealer for both Rikon and Robust lathes (and possibly Easy Wood Tools). He’s also got a nice selection of lumber for sale.

Stuart is hoping to have the school up and running by September. You can check out his website http://stuartkent.com if you’re interested in contacting him or reading about his work. Personally, I’m going to do all I can to get the word out and help him get established here in Ayden, NC. I’m excited to see the dream coming to pass even if it’s not me who’s doing it.

Non sibi, sed aliis


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  1. This actually sounds like a better idea. Hopefully you can help him and that might lead to change you’ve been seeking. Good luck brother.


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