More than enough

I recently ordered a set of Corradi rasps for review. As I was putting them through their paces I decided not to review the full set because there was a fair amount of redundancy between the three coarser rasps.

I’ve decided to keep one of the coarse rasps and sell the other two. These are both cut 6 and ideal for fast stock removal. The wider rasp is a 10″ cabinet rasp, the narrower is a 10″ narrow pattern maker’s style. Information about them is available here.

$30 for the 10″cabinet rasp, $40 for the pattern maker’s rasp, or $60 for both (including shipping within the Continental US) SOLD

They’re virtually brand new.

Email with the subject line “rasps”


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  1. Interesting pattern – would provide a smoother or more even cut?


    1. That’s the idea. It presents a “random” but continuous pattern to the wood. There’s a full review coming out soon, but the cliffs note version is that it works.

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  2. I am continually browsing online for ideas that can help me. Thank you!


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