A Palace, of sorts (part 1)

In the 1760’s Royal Governor William Tryon and his family brought architect John Hawks from London to New Bern, NC to design and build a massive Georgian-style mansion which was to house both his family and general assembly. The structure was completed in 1770, served as the first permanent capitol of North Carolina for a few years and then promptly burned to the ground In 1798.

No one was living there at the time as the capitol had already moved to Raleigh. The town razed most of the structure (save the stables), built a road right through it and that was that until it was rebuilt and reopened in 1959. The building was built to the surviving blueprints, on the original footprint and has been refurbished with (mostly) period correct furniture from private collections. My family toured the “Palace” on Monday, and I went proper geek over the furniture and architecture. I wanted to share a few of the highlights.


The bolt covers were installed upside-down. I feel compelled to call and tell them.



And that was just the house. Stay tuned for the stables and kitchen.


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  1. José Santiago says:

    Thanks for sharing the story and pictures


  2. Jim, The bed I believe was shipped over in the 1950s (hairy claw) and is very interesting to find out what the secondary timbers are. The canopy section looks like its been re-made and not original to the footpost.
    Yes i would recommend they put the covers on the right way.T


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