A staked stool

Height: 18″

Top:  11″x 11″ (rough octagon)

Base 10″ square (roughly)

A few observations: 

Everything is pinned with nails. I don’t know if this was original or a sign of repairs. My guess is original.

The legs were likely made square, two-thirds were tapered and then the top third was worked down with a draw knife or spokeshave. Even after a previous stripping and sanding I can feel the facets of the draw knife.

It’s a really comfortable little stool. 

I like the legs and intend to copy them in a future project. 


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  1. Stephen says:

    Interesting piece. Makes me curious of the intended use, it seems an odd height. My thoughts on the nails(just a guess)…probably a later addition to take out the wiggle. I do really like the leg design, the second to the last photo I can just make out the facets left by the drawknife…or maybe a spokeshave.
    Nice find James.


    1. This was likely made circa 1930-1940 and was the stool my mother-in-law sat on as a child at the dinner table. That explains the height for me. There are a few similar stools in the set, so the differences are interesting.


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