I’m selling out…

Building an acoustic guitar was a tremendously rewarding experience, although one I don’t foresee repeating so I’ve decided to sell most of my acoustic guitar building jigs, tools and gear. I’m keeping a few things for setup work and electric guitar building, but I don’t see a need to hang onto the rest.

The big hurdle for me with building a guitar was the gear, tools and jigs. I probably spent longer building these jigs and appliances than I actually spent working on the guitar. That said, I’m looking to pass all of this along at a significant savings (or trade) to someone who can used them

Here’s what I’ve got

Go-Bar Deck and somewhere around 24 fiberglass Go-bars

Radius Dishes (in both 21′ and 40′ radius) with sanding discs

MDF body mold for OM/000 size guitar and 20+ spool clamps to accompany the mold

routing templates for a dovetail neck assembly

Binding router jig and cradle

Stew Mac Binding router bit and bearing set

OM style pickguard

body and headstock templates for martin OM/000 and Dreadnaught size guitars

This would be well over $1000 in gear from Stew Mac but $500 takes the whole lot. I’m also open to trade offers. Here’s the one challenge. It’s impossible to ship, so the deal would have to be somewhat local. I would prefer this to go all as one lot. 



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  1. Brian says:

    Building a guitar is on the bucket list, but I don’t live very close. Good luck finding a taker. I’m sure you wont have to much trouble.


  2. I’ve never delved into lutherie even though I’ve been playing guitars more than half my life. This post is complete affirmation that I still don’t have the bug. Back to the dresser…

    Good luck Jim.

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    1. Yeah, it’s funny. Whenever I finish building an electric guitar I immediately start thinking about building another. With the acoustic I was just happy to finish. I know other people probably have the opposite feeling, but for me, I know I’m ready to move on.


  3. Tripper says:

    I find it a bit of a love/hate relationship. I’ve built several electrics – lots of fun. Working on Wood bodied resonators now – really challenging, still lots of fun! Getting started is the hardest part as there is a bunch of jigs and tooling you need to figure out. After that it gets better and better!


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