All too often

“All too often we are taught a basic technique or exercise without being given a clear sense of where it can lead. It’s a ‘you-do-it-this-way’ kind of thing, which may be all right for one person, but is a brake on another. If we are exposed to this attitude at an early stage of learning, and have no other point of reference against which to measure it, it is easy to see how we might come to believe that this is the way one does it, whereas it may be only a part of the way or one of many ways.”
-James Krenov, ‘The Impractical Cabinetmaker’ 1979


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  1. Joshua Brackett says:

    So VERY true. As a student, I found that form of teaching triggered a distraction from the actual lesson intended to be taught. I instantly became polarized on the audacity of the teacher and it then shut down my learning. The whole “just because” as an answer to “why?” has always, since I was a child, been infuriating to me. There are always reasons behind the answer and when examined we learn more about the problem itself and often discover other available solutions that as usual say, can prove to be better options for others.

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