Virtual garage sale update

I took the emporium page offline temporarily to load it up with things for the virtual garage sale. It will stay offline for Christmas day, but the sale will go live on Monday Dec 26th at 8am EST.

It’s a mix of planes and markup tools. All of it’s usable. Some of it still needs a little fettling. I’ve tried to keep the prices (more than) reasonable. Shipping costs will be determined based on my best packing and price solutions, but many of the things will fit in a USPS flat rate box (unless you buy all the things) so it should also be reasonable.

Merry Christmas.





5 thoughts on “Virtual garage sale update

  1. Hi James, If the block planes are not sold I would like to buy both. The type 20 No. 3 and type 19 No. 4 as well. Oh what the bell, the butt gauge too. Thanks Robin 919.951.5107


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