A few days ago I answered a Craigslist advertisement about a biscuit jointer and while I was there the guy said the magic words “hey, I’ve got some hand tools too.”


I’ve read about these scores but I never expected to walk into one and even though I knew I didn’t need them all, I couldn’t pass it up. If I had, they would have gone back into a box in a closet. I’ve got a better idea.

I want to pass the good karma along.

I do plan on keeping a few things from the pile, but I’ve been pretty ruthless about my minimalist tool aesthetic as of late so most of it will be gone over and listed for sale. The planes are mostly later model Stanley’s but they might be useful for someone getting into hand tools and so I plan on getting them into shape and getting them to people who can use them at fair (or better than fair) prices.

There are also some marking and layout tools that I’ll be listing so keep an eye on the emporium page between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


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  1. Brian says:

    I clicked on the emporium page, and it said the page couldn’t be found. I’ll keep watch for the future post. There are a few things I would like to have.

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    1. It’s coming. I took it down for a day while I load it up with goodie.

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      1. Brian says:

        I figured as much.


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