A curiosity

I found this today at an antique shop. it looks like a stand-alone tail vise with its own set of dog holes.

The beam is roughly 2″ x 4″ and the overall length was close to 5′

Does anyone have any ideas about what this is or what it was used for?


9 thoughts on “A curiosity

  1. Jim,

    I feel like I saw one of these in a show Roy (and Chris?) did on a Milkman’s bench.

    It also looks like it could simply be a portable tail vise that could be clamped to either the top of a bench or into a face vise. Remember, British benches dominated the American landscape (alongside some German and Sweedish mongrels) until very recently. And the Brits never had tail vises. So perhaps this was a benchtop/bench side appliance.


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