A more palatable visual environment 

“Let us have nothing to do with the idea that the crafts, regardless of what they make, are in some way superior to the workmanship of certainty, or a means of protest against it. That is paranoia. the crafts ought to be a complement to industry.” 

-David Pye, ‘The Nature and Art of Workmanship’ (1968)


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  1. donovandak says:

    Interesting choice of a quote. Seems like in complete opposition to Schwarz latest writings in the Anarchist Design Book, where he places craft as a protest to market-produced goods. What’s your take? 🙂

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    1. My full take is still brewing, but in context they’re more alike than different. No one is saying we should figure out a way to make things like toothbrushes and laptops in an artisinal “craft” way. Part of our world can only exist because of injection molding and extruded material. I believe Pye is proposing that our task in design and workmanship is to augment that in meaningful ways where we can and as well as we can.

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  2. JC says:

    Gotta go with james_ take on the “meaning” of craft. As an artist, craft serves the vision and enables, and sometimes ennobles the end product. Also, craft is accessible to all whereas artistry is somewhat more ephemeral due to the “eye of the beholder” clause. LOL


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