Dutch under development

A tool chest is never done.

Creativity is one of the things I love most about woodworking; probably because it’s a close cousin of problem solving in my mind. The Dutch tool chest solves a host of problems on its own, but as of late I’ve been especially interested in seeing how people tackle fitting out the inside.

The other day, Scott Greenwood sent me these photos of his current tool storage along with his Dutch tool chest and a brief description of how he sees the two coming together:

“I’m currently working through a proof of concept dutch tool chest using up some scrap plywood, SYP and drywall screws to work out the bugs before committing the good stuff. As the other photos show, my tools already have some pretty adequate digs (along with the in-the-works saw till). I don’t see any major traveling in my immediate future, so this dutch chest may well remain a potential problem-solver for another time. It’s been a fun journey so far, investigating other folks approaches and trying them out. We’ll see how this one ends up.





Thanks for sending these in Scott. And, as a reminder to everyone else, I’d love to feature other Dutch chest builds. Send your stories and photos here.


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