Mortise & Tenon Issue Two

Issue two of Mortise & Tenon magazine is now available for pre-order HERE



We’ve been working hard to bring you some mind-blowing content in this sophomore issue and now it’s time to do your part. We were humbled and a more than a little surprised how well the first issue was received, but I think that says something positive about all of us, our craft, and our passion for community.

This is truly more than a “craft” or “artisanal” publication. It’s not meant to be esoteric or elitist, but egalitarian. It is a point of contact for a community wider than most of us have traditionally imagined, and we know it’s working because we see it bearing fruit on the ground. We see this magazine on coffee tables and research desks, but just as often we see it on workbenches and in piles of wood shavings and sawdust. Be honest, how many times did you try to blow the dust off of the cover of issue one?

Together, we are better.


I just pre-ordered my own copy and I encourage you to check it out as well. All pre-orders come with free US shipping.


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