More medley than miscellany

This is less of a commercial and more of a public service announcement, I promise.

Yesterday I was seeing the world through the eyes of a world class conservator and right now I’m digging through colonial American history. Over the past few months I’ve had the urge to start building Windsor chairs and I’ve considered the implications of massive solar flares and our use of resources on this planet. All of this is courtesy of the editorial work I’m currently doing with Issue Two of Mortise & Tenon magazine.

I hope you’re already reading the blog at Mortise & Tenon, but just in case you missed it, Joshua has been slowly releasing the Table of Contents for Issue Two and there’s some amazing content coming up in this volume.  As I’ve been working through this material getting it ready for the next phase of copy editing I am constantly struck by how interesting it is. This shouldn’t surprise me because it happened with Issue One, but if you’ve ever been involved in editing you know that sometimes it’s just a technical slog through words you don’t care about.

I can honestly say this has never once been the case with this material. I find myself constantly intrigued by things I would never have imagined intriguing and learning things I didn’t know would be helpful to know. Every article I edit leads to a whole world of discovery, and I’ve come to appreciate that this really is the strength of  M&T – The magazine has a way of bringing together ideas that compliment one another and challenging the silos we unintentionally build around ourselves and our work.

This stuff is so good that when I hand all of this work over for copy edits and layout, I will still be anxiously awaiting the final product. I know, because that happened last time too.

If you’ve missed it so far, catch up on the Table of Contents HERE


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