Throwing horns (on the Dutch tool chest)

Scouring the interwebs for information about the Dutch tool chest has been enlightening. So many people have built this chest in so many variations that it’s hard to dream up something unique. I know that’s part of the idea. The form is tried and true and tried and true things are rarely unique, but I did want to add the requisite pieces of flair to my own build.

I’ve had my eye on these since I built my small floor chest last year. I love them and I will be putting them on my Dutch tool chest. They’re 15″ overall, with 10 3/4″ on the long strap. They’re also made at a forge in Doylestown, PA so they’re a subtle nod to my peeps in the old home Commonwealth.

Now I’ve just got to make some sawdust while I wait for them to arrive.


Wrought Iron Ram Horn Pa.Dutch Style Strap Hinge with Bean End, Hand forged




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  1. jonfiant says:

    Is the blacksmith Joe Beck?


    1. I got these from Worthington Forge, but I can’t say I know the name of the smith who made them.


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