The travelling Dutchman (feat. Tom O’Brien)

My wife and I have a weekend home where we love to spend a few weekends a month relaxing.  Because I hated putting my woodworking projects on hold, earlier this year I decided to build the knock-down Nicholson style workbench at our weekend home from the plans Chris Schwarz had in Popular Woodworking magazine.  Going from a Roubo… Continue reading The travelling Dutchman (feat. Tom O’Brien)

Mark Harrell: Perfect in 1000 words or less

(Editor’s note:) Just a few days ago I was working with a cross-cut panel saw that was well beyond the point that could reasonably be considered “dull” and was approaching “completely useless”. Suddenly I heard Mark Harrell’s voice in my head telling me to grab a file and put some new life into those saw teeth. Now, Mark… Continue reading Mark Harrell: Perfect in 1000 words or less