The garage sale continues…

After making the decision to sell a few of the tools I’ve been collecting (read: hoarding) I’ve realized how good it feels to put them in hands that will use them, rather than to see them collect dust on the shelf.  In that spirit, September feels like a good time to clear the decks and release a few more tools into the wild.

First up, a Wards Master no.7. It’s in fine working shape with a nice patina. The casting is good and heavy, and the japanning is 80% or better and there’s a little chip to the horn of the tote. All of this is cosmetic. It works like a champ. I’ve replaced the blade with a thick aftermarket WoodRiver model that I was testing out and it’s a good match for the plane.

I’m looking to get $40 plus actual shipping. (EDIT: SOLD)


Next up is a 14″ restored vintage tenon saw. I have no idea about the provenance of this saw but the repro-cherry handle is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever held. I also don’t have a micrometer, but based on my gauge set, I’d say the plate is ~.03″ thick. Whatever it is, it leaves a nice thin kerf. I’ll file the teeth before packing it up if you like. I paid $40 and would like to get that out if it, plus actual shipping. (EDIT: SOLD)


I’m not really trying to mark things up or sell at a premium here, I just want to find them good homes. Send me an email if you’re interested. (UPDATE: BOTH SOLD)





3 Comments Add yours

  1. erikhinkston says:

    Email sent regarding the tenon saw


  2. Brian says:

    If the sale of the jointer falls through you could put me in line for consideration if you like.


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