There are still a few shirts available

The Daily Skep shirts came in this week and they look great. Using a new printer always makes me nervous, but I’m really happy with the quality of the final product. I’m also happy that most of them are in the mail as of this morning and if you placed a pre-order you should be receiving them by Tuesday or Wednesday of this coming week.

If you thought you waited too long and missed out, never fear. I ordered a couple extra of each size (just in case) and I currently have one or two available in each of the following sizes: M, L, XL, and 2XL

They’re $25 shipped within the continental United States. If you would like one, please send me an email to see if your size is still in stock.

Also, I fully realize 99% of people wouldn’t notice or care about this, but I wanted to say a word about the final artwork for the shirt. The artist who did the logo work provided me with two very similar versions of the logo. The only difference is in the chisels on either side of the skep. One version was very straightforward and the other was intended to be a bit more stylized and play into the Alphonse Mucha / Pre-Raphaelite / fantasy vibe a little. After testing both out, the more stylized version won for this printing. They’re both great, but this one looked good in silk-screen and I’m not ashamed to say it reminded me of something I’d see in a Tolkien book.*



Any orders placed today or tomorrow will go out Monday. Anything after that will be shipped when I get home from Woodworking in America.



* Yes, I was that kid writing notes to his friends in Elvish and Runic scripts. Yes, even in high school.




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