I’m no collector. 

I’ve done some soul searching over the last few months and I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have a lot of room in my life for extra tools at the moment. This goes against every hoarding thing I learned while growing up, but I need to travel light these days and I don’t want to carry tools just to carry them. It has been a conversion experience. 

This situation is not universal, but it is true for me just now. I don’t have a reason to keep more than one of a thing and I don’t have energy for “collector grade” anything.

In that spirit I want to offer this beauty up to anyone who might be interested. 

It’s a Millers Falls 85 and it’s in nearly unused condition. I’ve used it 4 or 5 times, but I don’t think it was ever unpacked before that. It is equivalent in every way I can see to similar models from Stanley and it works just as it should. I’ve sharpened the blade and honed the nicker, but that’s about it. It’s all original with the box.

I almost feel guilty using it, so I’m selling it. I’m asking $45 + actual shipping costs. Email for more info.

(Update: SOLD, thanks!)


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  1. Brian Clites says:

    I reached a simillar conclusion about myself last month. As a result, I down-scaled from 23 bench planes to 5. And guess what, now there’s lots of space in my ATC!!!


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