Almost halfway there

I’ve nearly finished half of the drawers in my nail cabinet and now I understand the core principles behind the industrial revolution.

Doing all of the operations on each drawer one at a time means changing setups on my bench. It’s a fine way to custom fit each drawer, but there’s a lot of wasted movement. I’ve found it faster to rough cut most of the parts to length and then mill enough for a few drawers at a time. This is a compromise. If I were really going for efficiency I would cut and mill all of the bottoms, then all of the sides, then the fronts and backs and then knock them all together.

I’m not an assembly line however and that gets boring. I mill enough of one thing to make a few drawers and then fit them. It’s a nice ebb and flow between milling and fitting.


Here’s something else that’s almost halfway done. T-Shirt orders.

american apparel__truffle_wrinkle front_mockup

Half of the first run are already spoken for, so if you want to make sure you get the size you’re looking for click here and follow the instructions to get on the list. My final count will be going to the printer on Wednesday, and at that point I will have to choose what extra sizes to order and I’ll post a list of sizes still available.


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