I ain’t so perfect after all

A few months ago I decided I needed to build a nail cabinet. A few weeks ago I finally got started on it as a way to keep myself from messing with the curing finish on the newly completed commission. Yesterday I was fitting together the shelf dividers for that nail cabinet and I was forcing a fit on one of the dividers that was too tight when I snapped the wing of the opposing divider right off. It was a clean break and I was able to glue it back on with no real harm done. After a little sand paper and a block plane, you can’t even tell.

I posted two pictures on Instagram.

This one:


And this one:

I posted the first picture because it’s beautiful. I posted the second picture because it’s more helpful than the first.

All of this is my way of reminding you that none of us is perfect, and that tomorrow’s guest blogger has a few thoughts on that topic.


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  1. dpcrow says:

    “Not Pictured” is a great series! So refreshing. It should be a mandatory sub-heading on all Facebook/Instagram captions.


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