I should say, he’s a friend.

For the past few months I’ve been pouring out my thoughts here about building my first commissioned work. It has been a wonderful learning experience about balancing my own capacity with efficiency, cost and the knowledge that I was also working to someone else’s sense of style and design.  There are things I would do differently next time, but… Continue reading I should say, he’s a friend.

There’s just something Bad Axe about these saws

One of the downsides (ok, let’s be honest, the only downside) to writing tool reviews for a magazine is keeping mum about what you’ve written until it’s in print. Most of the time this isn’t terribly difficult, but there are certainly times when you want to shout from the mountain tops of Instagram about how… Continue reading There’s just something Bad Axe about these saws

Glamour shots

Despite what you may have come to believe from my Instagram addiction, I’m generally more interested in making things than taking pictures of them. Instagram is only really interesting to me because it allows me to capture moments as they strike me. I’d much rather have someone else take pictures of the finished work. But… Continue reading Glamour shots