Maker’s mark


I’ve gotten lots of questions lately (here and elsewhere) about my maker’s stamp. I found it on Etsy. Here’s another great one.

There are plenty of talented designers and makers of custom stamps. I may venture into that one day, but for now this tells the right story.

That’s really what branding is all about. Telling a compelling and consistent story about who you are as a maker and what you value. The Skep meets that criteria for me.

In improv acting there’s a concept that you don’t have to be original to be funny, you just have to do what comes next. It’s not always about genius. The best work comes from developing good habits and relying on them in the moment to keep the story going.

I’m no genius. I’m just doing what I can to tell the next part of the story as best I can.


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  1. erikhinkston says:

    Wow, there is a lot to choose from. Thank you for the link, I will be selecting a couple of these.


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