This is more like it

It was a little bit of a drive, but the family all loaded in the van on Saturday and headed off to Raleigh on the promise of actual black walnut. This time I had seen pictures of the machine surfaced wood and knew that not only was it actually black walnut, but beautiful as well. A few hours (and a stop for burgers and fries) later and the wood was stacked and stickered in my garage acclimating to the shop.


The wood came from a gentleman who had spent a lifetime as a carpenter, cabinetmaker and career woodworker and was thinning out some of his considerable stock. When I asked him about his career he referred to it as a “calling” and that seemed just about right. He let me pick through one pile of stock until I had enough wood for the book case, and then on hearing that I was making a desk he invited me into his own workshop to select the top from some really beautiful wood he had saved out for his own work.

I’m sure he thought I was a little crazy (and quite possibly naive) when I explained that I only work in hand tools at the moment, but I think he also understood we each have our own relationship to wood and that we spoke a common language none the less.

I will be trying to finish up a few little things while letting the wood settle into the environment of the shop for a few  weeks, but I’m really anxious to get started. This black walnut is really beautiful stuff.


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  1. Tim Dahn says:

    Hopefully you did not drive through Virginia on your way to Raliegh to get the walnut as It can be found here locally, unless you are looking for re-claimed.


    1. No, we live in eastern North Carolina. Raleigh is only an hour and a half drive. My wife is from VA though and we’re up there frequently.


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