striking out on my own

In the plans for the school box it is pretty clear that young Thomas knows what he’s doing when he trims out the box. The trim is simple and mitred, but he understands the fragility of a 90 degree angle and accordingly knocks the edge back with a decent chamfer both to protect and decorate his work. In looking at various iterations of the school box that have shown up on the Lost Art Press blog from time to time, you can see an evolution of the design from the first one Chris made per Thomas’ specs to later versions with more decorative accents. I know the idea is to learn how to do a chamfered chest skirt, but I’ve done them before so I decided to look for something a little different.

That meant digging into my very limited moulding plane collection and pulling out the one complex plane I own.

I hadn’t touched the plane in a while because the profile of the iron needed some work to bring it into line with the profile of the plane and every time I thought about it, it was one of those “I’ll get to that someday” sort of situations. Today was that day.

I won’t go into that process in detail because I still feel like a novice there, but Paul Sellers has an excellent video on the subject if you’re interested. I masked the sole of the plane, used a Sharpie to trace the profile, and files to adjust accordingly. After I was happy with the profile matching up, I sharpened the iron with an Arkansas slip stone (I use oil stones for these sorts of tools). Don’t be intimidated, I did it all while I was having coffee before breakfast.

A few test cuts and tweaks and this is the profile I was getting on scrap wood.

Today I took a nice clean piece of pine and stuck some of the most beautiful moulding I’ve ever made. On the good authority of Caleb James I’m told this is a Grecian ovolo. Whatever you call it I’m really happy with the look and I’ll be using this as the skirt on the box.




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  1. Beautiful! So glad you got that plane tuned up! That’ll be great on the box!

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