customer service in the age of none

I ordered this album on vinyl from on Feb 3.

Big Sur Quintet

On Feb 27 they sent me an email that the order would be delayed indefinitely and wanted me to continue the order. When I discontinued the order they changed it into a digital download and charged me for that.

I realize that vinyl records are a bit of a specialty item, but if I had wanted a digital download I would have started there. I also wouldn’t have ordered it from them if I knew it was going to take a whole month just to mess the order up. I ordered it from them only because I had a gift card. I still don’t have the album.

I tell you that story only in contrast to this story.

On Tuesday I ordered a selection of Brooklyn Tool & Craft (Tremont) nails from Tools for Working Wood. By the end of the day I received notice that they had shipped. Two days later, I had them in my hand.


This is not the first order I have placed with TfWW and it won’t be my last. Each and every time they have performed above and beyond the call of duty.  I have had similar customer service experiences with Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and Sterling Toolworks and let me say this as clearly as I can; Companies like this deserve my patronage. They have unequivocally earned it.

I don’t think I need to say much more than that. Joel & crew, thank you. (You too, Tom & crew, and Chris).





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  1. momist says:

    Nice. I had a similar experience with a company here in the UK called “Objects of Necessity” in Oxford. Always word of mouth (or modern equivalent) is the best advert.


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