May I propose a toast?



May this bench ever be true.

May it ever hold fast.

May it be a place where good work is done,

And may it ever be used in good health.





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  1. Randy Carr says:

    I’ll definitely drink to that. Good taste in single malt.


  2. momist says:

    I’ll have to join you in spirit, as I’m staying dry for February.


    1. Someone needs to drive us all home. 😉


  3. Nikolaus says:

    Prost! Sehr schön geworden!
    Very nice indeed! As I said, I have a nice Roubo. But I would love to build one like this, just for the fun of it.

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  4. That looks like a sweet bench, congratulations Jim! I hope you have many happy years working on it.


    1. Thanks Kieran, it’s already exponentially better than anything else I’ve worked on.

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  5. Paul Knapp says:

    I think it’s an entirely brilliant idea to christen a new bench with a “wee dram” and I will follow suit on my next build. I’m glad to see you used something culturally appropriate..though Scottish separatists may not agree. Just out of curiosity, what would you have chosen had this been a new Roubo? Nice job by the way. The bench looks spectacular.

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    1. Thanks Paul. I bought that bottle 5 years ago and I’ve been holding onto it for a special occasion I’m not a wine guy, so I guess it’s probably for the best I didn’t build a French bench. 😊


      1. Paul Knapp says:

        All is not lost James. When you do get that Roubo done, the French make some excellent brandys. And of course there are culturally appropriate beverages for both the German and Scandinavian benches you’ll eventually build. Then there’s Slivovice for the Morovian when you get to that one. You do realize that that no man can stop at one bench.


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