what’s in a mortise?

Yesterday I cleared the waste for the crisscross with my drill press, a Forstner bit, a large chisel and router plane. I’m no purist when it comes to work like that, plus I love Forstner bits. I wish I could go back in time and shake Benjamin Forstner’s hand, because I find them useful for just about everything under the sun, especially clearing waste of this scale.

The router plane earned its lunch squaring off the bottom of the mortise, which didn’t end up as pretty as I would have liked, but it’s the right size, depth and width and it’s uniform in all the ways it needs to be. There are still little marks from the tip of the drill bit, so next time I’ll remember to leave a little more work for the router plane. The bottom of the mortise also came close to the glue line so some places got a little wonky. Either way, it fits, it works, I’m happy.

After finishing the mortise, and drilling and tapping the mounting holes I could finally finish off the leg assembly and bolt this thing back together.

The top is just sitting on there at the moment, but it’s a solid surface to work on and I don’t want to bolt it down until the vise is installed.

Still, it looks fine doesn’t it?


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  1. Paul Knapp says:

    A right proper bench it is. You’ve done a nice job.


    1. Thanks Paul. I can’t wait until it’s fully finished, but at least it gives me something to work on in the mean time.


  2. That certainly is a fine bench you’ve built there, James!


    1. It’s getting there. 😊


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