patience, young grasshopper

In the middle of last week I received a package on my doorstep. Just seeing the shipping label made me all giddy inside.

I wanted to tear it open and get to work installing the hardware right away, but I was still elbows deep in the ephemera and etcetera that had occupied me all week long. I still had half a week of work ahead of me just clearing boxes and cleaning the garage and I knew I would be better off finishing that project before I started this one.

Well, with the garage nearly clear and the family coming home soon, last night I finally cracked into that box and started looking things over.

I’ll write up my thoughts on the hardware when I have it installed, but my initial impressions very much echo what Chris Schwarz wrote here.

In a word, the hardware is awesome, and now that my work space is clear I am eager to have it installed and finish the bench. This morning I started laying out the mortise on the leg and I hope to clear that out sometime this afternoon.

Rather than tap the SYP for the retro mounting hardware I’m going to bolt through the leg. That means I need to seek out some hardware today, and it also means drilling a few holes with the drill press. Once that is done and the mortise is clear I can mark out the mortise for the chop and do the rest of the work on building that leg assembly. After that I’m going to attach the apron and drill out for the vise screw.

Patience is all well and good, but it’s also nice to have a plan and get back to work.



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  1. You’re going to love the vice. It works flawlessly, and has a great look. I decided on the retro, because I wasn’t sure if I could drill a straight enough hole for the standard kit. Tapping the holes was different, but it works very well even in SYP. Enjoy!

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