cutting words vs. cutting wood



It’s coming. Christopher Schwarz, Tom Fidgen, George Walker and others are getting the word out. The buzz is growing , and rightly so. It’s going to be worth your while.

How do I know?

Yesterday Joshua Klein, head editor (and just about everything else at M&T) announced that due to the sheer amount of work this magazine launch has required, he has brought together  a team of people  to help ensure its success. I didn’t want to say anything before his announcement, but I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working on this project as a content editor.

It’s an honor to be working alongside Joshua and team to bring together a journal this unique. The articles are thought provoking, interesting and informative, the photography is breathtaking and the perspective is fresh.

I’m saying all of this not just as an editor, but as a supporter as well.  I’ve had my hands on nearly half of the content already and I’m still supporting this effort by subscribing to the magazine. It’s going to be that good.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, now’s the time to treat yourself to a nice Christmas present!


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  1. Greg Flora says:

    Sounds like a well-deserved opportunity! Congratulations! I look forward to any insight you post here at the blog as well.


    1. Thanks Greg! It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun. I’m learning a great deal just reading through the material I’m editing.


  2. momist says:

    We still need word of how to get this magazine here in the UK. And what about the rest of Europe?


    1. I’m not sure about the rest of Europe, but if you’re in the UK you can contact Classic Hand Tools to pre-order. 😊


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