mortise & tenon


Everyone loves to show off their dovetails on Instagram, but the meat and potato joint of cabinetmaking is the mortise and tenon. The former is flashy, but the latter does the work of holding it all together.

Not long after I started down the rabbit hole of discovery that is hand tool woodworking I stumbled upon Joshua Klein’s blog The Workbench Diary. I click past lots of blogs without so much as a second thought, so you can be sure the ones that I follow really say something important and meaningful to me. What caught my eye about Joshua’s blog was this idea of a periodical that transcended what most of us think of as a “woodworking” magazine.

The idea, of course was to bring together disciplines ranging from furniture building to conservation, design and historical analysis in one place and to present it in a non-commercial format. That idea is finally coming together as Mortise & Tenon Magazine and that magazine is now available for pre-order. I just ordered mine. Go do yourself a favor and order a copy.

No disrespect to Popular Woodworking (I’m a subscriber Megan, I truly am) but what Joshua has brought together here is inspiring in an altogether different way. And, as the first of two very exciting projects Joshua is working on (the other being a book about Jonathan Fisher) I’m excited to finally have my subscription on order.





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