deets and digits

I’ve spilled enough digital ink writing about the handle of the dovetail saw that I’m working on without saying much about what I was hanging it on. I mean to fix that here.

The plate came from the tip of an old D-23, and while I haven’t measured it with calipers (I don’t have any, gasp) it’s rather thin. I’d say somewhere in the .03″ range at the toothline. So, it’s not really in the .o2″ ballpark that most dovetail saws are, but it’s not bad. The spine, of course, was the donated scrap from that no.4 miter saw. I used the full length I had left of spine and cut the plate to fit.

When you stick all of that together it looks like this:

The total length of the saw from tip to tail is 12.25″ and the plate is 7.5″ The clearance under the spine is 1.5″ at the tip and 1.75″ at the handle.

The shorter saw plate might threaten to throw the whole thing off balance, but the spine is heavier than what would usually be on a dovetail saw so it balances out, literally. It’s a well balanced saw in the hand. I haven’t cut anything with it yet, because I’m still waiting on saw nuts to bolt it all down, but it feels great.

In order to give a better idea about how this saw sits in the mix I thought it would help to show it side by side with my Veritas dovetail saw for a little comparison.


I’ve lined up the heel of the plate here as a reference point. Obviously, the Veritas is longer but the real difference comes in how the saw interacts with the hand. The hang of the handle is much more dramatic than the Veritas. This, in conjunction with the cant of the plate is intended to make a quick starting saw on the near side (which is how I cut dovetails).

It’s pretty obvious how much higher the handle hangs when viewed from both from the front and rear.



As I said, it feels good in the hand and the angles seem to work, but I’m excited to bolt this together and see how it feels in action. Obviously I’ll still need to shape and file the teeth (they’re crosscut now) but that’s the easy part at this point.



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  1. Randall says:

    Nice looking handle


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