the extra bits

If you’re like me you have a wood pile, a cut-offs pile and then one or two more divisions under that of smaller cut-offs. Little pieces that you don’t want to burn or throw in the trash because you just know have to be useful for something.

There are always extra bits. The trick is figuring out what they’re begging to become.

After cutting down that miter saw I had some extra steel spine left over. Something like 7 or 8″ of steel sitting there, looking at me. That made me remember the bent D-23 blade I had sitting in the corner waiting for some kind of resurrection. That sent me to the “small pieces” pile digging for wood.

Oh, hello cherry…


Looks like I have myself another project for after Thanksgiving.


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  1. momist says:

    Traditionally of course, old saw plate was used to make cabinet scrapers, or new blades for the No.80 type cabinet scraper. I prefer your solution, given the left over back. I look forward to seeing the finished tool.


    1. I do have some extra bits of plates that will probably end up as scrapers, plane stops and the like, but this was just too good to pass up.


  2. erikhinkston says:

    Looks like the right size for a kerfing plane???


    1. It would be an excellent size for a kerfing plane. I should have thought of that 😉

      I still have plenty of derelict saw plates to use up and that’s a great idea!


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