It’s starting to look like something

The Baby Anarchist’s Tool Chest is starting to really take shape. I know this because my wife keeps jokingly referring to it as “the toy box [I’m] building for the girls.”

The lid has been sitting in a safe place as I made the battens for it and fit out the inside runners all out of red oak. The battens were cut and planed to size, and drilled for screws, after which I chamfered them and shaped them to be comfortable on the hand. I did the recess drilling with a forstner bit and then made elongated holes for the outer two screws. Trying to make those oval recesses without a drill press was a learning opportunity for me. They needed a little clean up, but I’m definitely happy with the final installed pieces.

With things coming together I couldn’t help thinking that this chest would really look great with a skirt on the bottom to cover up the end grain of the bottom boards and to serve as a plinth to visually balance out the top. My wife would tell you I can’t ever leave “good enough” alone. She’s right.

So back to the wood rack I went, and I set out fitting the chest with a dovetailed skirt. As I was doing this I went back to the ATC and referenced the skirt fitting section heavily. I also kept turning to the article in the current issue of Popular Woodworking in which Chris describes his travelling chest build.

Mitres or tails? Mitres or tails? I decided to go all in with tails. I’m glad I did.

I took my time on this, starting on the end and carefully fitting each individual member of the skirt. I was pleasantly surprised with:

a) how square my carecase was

b) how well my dovetails came off the saw

I cut the tails leaving one half pin wider than the other so I could embellish the boards with a classic chamfer that echoes the battens.

And of course, I couldn’t resist putting it all together to see how it’s coming along.


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