(Baby) Anarchist’s Tool Chest

A full-fledged Anarchist’s Tool Chest build is on the eventual horizon, but in the meantime I need a place to put my stuff. My hand tool arsenal has outstripped my storage solutions. What started as a no.5 Jack plane tucked harmlessly in my Craftsman toolbox has gotten out of control.

Enter the (baby) ATC.

At this very moment Chris Schwarz is in England leading a troupe of hand tool initiates in building their very own tool chests, and he was kind enough to share his build notes and cut list with the rest of us who aren’t physically in the room. That act of good will was enough to get me on board wanting to build my own.

Namaste, Chris Schwarz, namaste.

Because the build uses dimensional lumber I actually had a good amount of what I would need already on my lumber rack, and with a few quick supplements from the local big box lumber-town I’m on my way.

Last night I marked out the lumber, cut the sections to length and glued up the panels.

This morning I started flattening them. I’m already giddy with excitement.

Admittedly, in an aesthetic of permanence this is an in between place. The idea, of course, is to build a chest that will still likely outlast me while knowing I one day still want to build a full size English chest. When I finally get off my duff and make that happen, this will be the perfect size to hand over to my daughters to start their own tool box.


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